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Interview with
Nabila Alibhai

  • Feature in Skidmore Scope, June 2015
  • Pages 28-29
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Community Driven
Change: CIRD &
National Solidarity

  • Citizens Institute on Rural Design
  • Project for Public Spaces
  • Blog Article, 2014

Syowia Kyambi

  • Biography, 2015


Conversation with Syowia, Book Launch & Retrospective Goethe, April 2015

Artist as a Citizen, The Julliard School, June 2014

Solidarity Building, Reflections from Afghanistan, MIT, April 2014

Ephemeral Urbanism, Harvard Graduate School of Design,, April 2014

Public Health & Public Spaces, Roxbury Community College, 2014

Roundtable Kabul 2050, The Different Faces of a Capital: The Role of Urban Planning in Creating Stability, French Cultural Centre Kabul, December 2012

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